CLOSING UP SHOP was a performance devised to close GENERAL STORE, a two day exhibition where artists Flora Bradwell and Ellie Barrett both displayed and produced new works inside the space. 

The performance imagined a shop worker making the announcement that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes, and what they would really like to say over the tannoy. It referenced the show and specific work made by the two artists.

An extract of the script is below.

"15 minutes till the general store CLOSES

I repeat 15 minutes till the general store CLOSES

So please start making your way out

Walking quickly, I don’t want to shout


Because I’ve been working here all day

And I’m tired and my feet hurt

and it’s two weeks till I get paid

I want to take off my work shirt.


So have a look around the store,

But be fast about it

Because when those 15 mins are up

Everybody has to get out quick.


I want to go home and get in the bath,

Or maybe my wife will massage my calves

It doesn’t really matter

I just want to go home

But another person just walked in

I let out a groan


They are asking a question

Something about salt dough

And my colleague is saying

That she doesn’t know


And I know that she does

But she’s just very tired

She is good at her job really

She was personally hired


By me


Another three people just popped in

I can feel my tiredness start to kick in


I’m dreaming of my sofa

And my television

Of my body and the cushions

What a wonderful collision!

But I’m brought crashing back

To the shop from my thoughts

Someone’s queueing for the counter

Thank god, they’ll leave once they’ve bought.


My attention flicks to a guy in the shop

Who is paying attention to a corn on the cob

Just buy it, please! Or out you go

Yes yes, that’s right! It is made from salt dough!


Hey you! Yes you! Over there

You know what it means when I stare

Stop browsing the products,

Buy it or put it down

I grumble under my breath

My face is a frown


It’s only cos I’m tired

I love the general store

It’s loads of fun, there’s good things to buy

It’s a great place to explore.


I walk to a shelf

That’s in disarray

Boob badges left wonky

I see to my dismay.


I tidied this shelf earlier ON

And now it is messy

Someone put it back all wrong.